Privacy Policy

This policy explains how we use your personal data whether you are visiting our website, using our services or ordering our products.

We aim to make our privacy clear and easy to understand.

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and visitors to our website and keeping your personal data secure to the best of our ability.

Proofreading Professional does not share customer details with any third party for marketing purposes.

Customer details supplied to us are only used by Proofreading Professional to help us to provide the products or services you require to the best of our ability. Your personal details are used only for the purposes of enquiries or purchases made by you or in relation to any website blogs, email notifications or newsletters that you have requested.

 Your details will not be passed to any third party for marketing purposes except to store your email address for any newsletters or other communications agreed by you. Any company we might use to help us to produce a newsletter cannot access or use our data in any way.

If you have given us permission to use your details, for example your email address for a newsletter, you have a right to withdraw your consent at any time.

We only retain your data for a length of time that is reasonable for us to provide a seamless, professional, high quality service to you, for example for referring to any previous orders or purchases you may have made, for repeat orders or for any enquiries you may make concerning them.

All Paypal transactions are subject to the Paypal Privacy Policy. Please refer to their website for details.

Your details may be checked with fraud prevention agencies for fraud prevention purposes.

We cannot guarantee the security of data transmission over the internet but will take all reasonable care to safeguard personal information supplied to us via our website, or any other means.

We will not disclose any information about you to any party, otherwise than that described above, unless required to do so by law (e.g. in legal proceedings or fraud prevention).

Our website contains links to other websites and social networks such as Facebook. Please refer to each site for their own privacy policy.

We will only publish personal information on our website where you have given us permission and we will only do so in accordance with your specific agreement.

This policy may be updated at any time.

Last updated: 4th February 2018