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I started out working in public libraries and graduated from Loughborough University with an honours degree in Library Studies. I gained chartered status and ran a technical library and information service for a local aerospace engineering firm. During a period of over 10 years I streamlined and developed services and updated the collections and indexes. I then moved on to become Information Manager for the local Business Link in Gloucestershire, where I set up a local business network of information providers.   

Hilary Saxby, BLS, MCLIP, AISTD (CDE)

Hilary is a freelance proofreader and business owner based in Gloucestershire. She will proofread any subject but her background is in performing arts, needlecrafts, art, music, Christianity, business management, aerospace engineering, information management and librarianship.


Chapterhouse Publishing certificate of competence in proofreading, July 2013

Certificate of Dance Education (ISTD) June 2008

Associate teaching qualifications (ISTD) 2000-2003

Member of the Institute of Information Scientists 1991

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals April 1983

Bachelor of Library Studies (Loughborough Univ.) 1981

I enjoy proofreading arts subjects and have had a bibliography of potters published for ceramics undergraduate research. I have also compiled an index for a dance periodical. At home I run a cross stitch business, designing and supplying cross stitch kits and converting client photographs to cross stitch, tapestry and embroidery kits including an editing service. This requires attention to detail, accuracy and an artistic eye. At last an excuse to create watercolour designs and convert them to cross stitch kits to sell!

Returning to public libraries I took up a secondment onto a Gloucestershire local studies computerised cataloguing project. This required accuracy and attention to detail as well as knowledge of bibliographic data and international library cataloguing rules. I also have experience of performing arts and education. In my spare time I became a qualified dance teacher and eventually changed career direction, taking a position at a private school where I worked in the school library and headmaster's office and began dance teaching. I also set up a computer system and database for the summer schools office. After various dance teaching positions I finally opened my own dance school in Cheltenham with a branch at Evesham.  

I am happy to proofread sheet music. At my local church I have set up a church library and database and, as a chorister with the church choir, I have gained the R.S.C.M. Bishop's Award and have sung in St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. My music interests have included piano playing, choreography and performance in amateur operatic and musical theatre productions, dance performance in London and dance and singing competitions and concerts.  

 Gaining a certificate of competence in proofreading with Chapterhouse Publishing gave me a return to my love of the English language and the complexities of English grammar as well as taking advantage of my well-developed eye for detail and accuracy.

What next? As a teller of children's fairy stories I would love to publish them in a book and illustrate it myself and I would like to write more poetry.

All these years later Hilary's passion and dedication remain strong. She is based at home in Cheltenham but will come to you if necessary. She is also happy to work in any format from handwritten manuscript or typescript to scanned copy, computer disc or online, via post or email. She will work all hours to meet deadlines and hasn't missed one yet!  Working with Proofreading Professional you will find we stay true to our roots.